Poison Ivy and Bouncing Cursors

The view from my perch in Starbucks.

A few weeks ago on a day that was actually delightful, which frankly doesn’t seem possible, I went outside and did something that was not at all on my docket. I spied the seemingly dead, thick layer of English ivy near my house and attacked it. It got back at me, however. Nature Mama got revenge. In ripping out an intense layer of the stuff near my house and windows, I apparently was given a small dose of urushiol, the oil found on good old poison ivy, an ivy that was growing among the other. I had been attacked by this once before, and unfortunately for me, on my thin skinned, old man shins. Although not agreed upon by my doctor, I had the feeling that my reaction was more severe since it hit there. This time I got it where my gloves ended. The poison ivy had been long gone, but apparently its oil was not.

I now have a mild case of it, showing up about a week after contact or so, I think. It isn’t too itchy, but other than two spots on one wrist, and maybe one small spot on the other, I am untouched by the nastiness of the experience. I am not complaining, if this is poison ivy, it is way easier than my last bout, requiring steroids to get relief.

For whatever reason, this brings me to the laptop cursor. Am I the only one who is typing furiously away, keyboarding something, only to find that one has jumped from the end of the writing to somewhere midstream, and is now inserting text in the wrong place? What is up with that? How does it happen? Am I emitting strange electronic signals telling my MacBook to insert text elsewhere?

Oh well, I am finishing up my double shot, decaf Americano at Starbucks. I have found that my wonderful Misto, an inexpensive but good alternative to an expensive Starbuck’s drink, is never available in decaf anymore. Hmmm.

I think all of this is a plot by the current régime. What do you think?

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