Snaky snakes and lotus blossoms

My days are busy and always changing. Of late, I have been listening to podcasts about introverts. I am an introvert. I was once painfully shy. I am truly not the shy person I was, but I will always have the traits of an introvert. This introvert is busy with the grandkids. Once we get outside, and we are there today, but I am not sure how long we shall last outside as storms are expected, but for now, we are just enjoying it. We even had dinner outside last night. That is wonderful.

The kids and I fed the fish for the first time and emptied my overflow rain barrel into it. Although it is going to rain, the water level had dropped a lot.

I secured the fence, keeping Stewart from running and making deep paths in the mulch. It had been removed and put back by the landscapers. I straightened up a few yard things as well. While pulling out a weed, I came across a ‘snaky snake,’ something I call a vers de terre, and is actually an earthworm. The other day, our older progeny had one and the younger did not. Today, the younger was the first to receive a snaky snake and then I found another. They placed them in small containers with wet earth.

While doing that, I worked on filling in the ‘holes’ in the back lawn. It is a tough lawn to keep, given that it is so horribly wet in the spring. Every time I have tried to plant seed, it blows where I don’t want it and then grows. This year, I didn’t even try, but I am taking the grass that is growing in between the cracks of the patio bricks and replanting them in the middle of the bald lawn spots.

Yesterday, I received an Amazon package of beautiful pink lotus seeds. They are larger than peas and covered in a very hard layer, akin to a chestnut or buckeye. You have to score them somehow, place them in water, and wait for them to sprout, changing the water out several times a day because it gets cloudy. They are already sprouting. Unfortunately, they are not perennials in our area, so I may just use them to provide water surface cover, but who knows, I may be able to keep them during the winter.

Okay, the weather is looking threatening, I may have to prepare to abandon the patio with the grandkids and sadly move indoors.

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