No offense to shoemakers…

A rustic table with a granite top and a lower shelf with porcelain tiles.

My maternal grandfather was a special one. We used to look at so many of the things that he did and say it was a ‘shoemaker’s job,’ marveling at how little care he seemed to take to accomplish his task. I also view it in terms of many of the things that I have done around the house, although in my case, I didn’t have the training or preparation to really do it the way I wanted to. Nonetheless, I managed to make most of the things that I did look way better than what my grandfather did.

The irony here is that my grandfather’s home, and what I remember of it, was always perfectly taken care of and tasteful.

I also remember one time he came to help my mother out. She had a garage (and house as well) that would not hold any paint. Grandpa Bori went to the basement, found several partially full paint cans, mixed them together, and painted the formerly white back of the garage a hideous shade of brown.

This all brings me to my recent crazy idea for the laundry room. Due to the 1950s configuration, the laundry room wasn’t meant to have both a washer and a dryer. The laundry tub was put in place and the washer next to it, leaving little space for anything else. For years we had an odd configuration with an empty space in between. Now we have the dryer on top of the washer, but that space is still there. I had done a shoemaker job of taking some extra wood, turning it into a table to fit the space, and for years it worked fine. To spiff it up, I finally upped my game and bought a piece of granite to sit on the top. Today, I took the lower shelf and attached extra floor tiles I had to it. Now, extra ‘Sparkle’ and vinegar can be more easily stowed there and shoved to the back.

The only rub was due to the imperfections in the table. One of my sons cut the tiles, but since my measurements were slightly off on the back of the table, I had a bit of trouble fitting the tiles in.

So much for the shoemaker job…

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