Every day at this time, before the kids arrive, Stewart sits by this window and waits…

Patience is sometimes hard to come by. I see that inability to wait in the grandkids, my feelings exaggerated. We are all impatient. There is nothing more that I hate than waiting when I have decided something and then have to put up with watching the calendar and clock. The little ones are even more impatient. They hear you say to wait and then ten seconds later they are asking again. “Come on guys, let’s understand that we have to wait!” That is way easier said than done.

Right now, things are all prepared for the grandkids. I even got up and made a batch of crêpes. They so enjoyed them the other day that I decided since I was up that I would throw the eggs, milk, the tiny bit of oil and salt, together and quickly mix it up and allow it at least a little time to rest.

Patience is a commodity that is intolerable when the intolerable is occurring, like right now politically. It is not as if I want to wish my life away, but seeing the demolition of the few good laws that we had is hard to watch. Being patient there is, perhaps, not an option.

On a side note, does anyone else wonder about all those people we know who say nothing about what is going on? I know countless people who have been totally non-reactive. Does that mean that they are supportive of the awful things we are perpetrating on our fellow human beings? Are they sad but afraid to react? They seem to go about their daily lives and say nothing, as if nothing is wrong and yet political atrocities are happening at a frightful pace.

I think maybe I understand Nazi Germany all the more now.

Sometimes, one risks losing faith in humanity. Does humanity actually exist?

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Almost seventy something, father, papi, educator, organizer, Francophile, traveler, amateur photographer, gardener, cyclist, kayaker, calligrapher, cinephile, reader, and overall renaissance type human being.
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