Painting the kitchen

OMG! The perfect day to open the windows.

Painting is something I do well. The painting part is the part I like doing most; I really don’t like the prep all that much. Frankly, I truly wonder who does. Give me a brush and I can generally paint a straight line, so much so that I don’t enjoy looking at the demarcation between ceiling and walls in most situations since I really prefer the work that I have done. Wednesday found me attacking my kitchen job that I wanted to do in the fall.

I had the ceiling paint and also the paint for the walls. Given that we have tumbled marble as a backsplash, there is not a lot of wall to be done. I decided, for once, given that my time to do jobs like this is fractured by my schedule at Oakton and with taking care of the grandkids, to do it in stages.

I decided to do the ceiling and get that out of the way. My issue was that there was a spot that had been damaged and repaired that concerned me, a reason to paint and make it look less obvious with another coat or two. I took a chemical sander, which I don’t overly like to use; it is a ‘liquid sandpaper, and wiped down the ceiling. It is supposed to make the surface greaseless and less glossy, more likely to accept the new paint. Luckily it was a good day to have open windows.

I quickly painted the trim, the area on the perimeter of the ceiling and around the light cans. Then I rolled the rest. At first, it looked really good, then as it was drying, I questioned it, as I always do. Now, over an hour later, it is looking more uniform. The question is, shall I recoat. I was, after all, painting white over white. My guess is yes, as I have the paint and another coat is easy, at this point.

This weekend, I am hoping to attack the walls. For now, recoating the ceiling is still up in the air, or rather above my head.

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