Painting, Chicken soup, and Memorial Day

We all seem to walk through life and its holidays and pay little attention to the reason we have them. Memorial Day comes by and we have a picnic or get togethers but do we think about the reasons why we have those days?

So many of our true patriots, our flag crazy people, pay no real attention to the real reasons. They fly their flags, post their colors, put up eagles, and despite it all, they may be less of a supposed patriot than the person who doesn’t put up a flag at all or who does it in a limited way. Much of our patriotism is like a spirituality which doesn’t require outward appearances.

I learned as a kid that we needed to pay attention to Memorial Day. My dad was in the service and although he was in during the WWII years, he had the good fortune of not seeing action. He didn’t search out not getting in to it, he was a Navy Radioman who not only was trained to perform in a plane, but also taught fellow naval personnel at Northwestern to do the same. We always put up a flag and my mom always bought the poppies commemorating the military. I just donated the other day to a serviceman in front of the grocery store and lo and behold he handed me a poppy. I hadn’t see that in years.

Despite my taking my Sunday to prep and paint several walls of the kitchen and listen to music while doing so, I thought of the military and all of their sacrifices. It seems to me that most of them would be unhappy to see that the liberties they set out to protect seem to be disappearing due to our current régime and its backers.

In regards to that paint, I shall probably have to do another coat, but overall, it looks good. All I have is the area behind the refrigerator to complete. My last effort in the kitchen and on the adjacent steps will be to use oil base white paint on the woodwork and on the risers. Scuffing will be minimized.

Mikey brought over the grandkids’ favorite chicken soup and MK bagged it for the freezer. It is a concentrate and will be diluted when it is warmed up. The grandkids will be very happy to have their Hungarian noodles and this broth made not only with lots of chicken and chicken bones, but with at least one duck. Its taste is phenomenal.

Let’s all take at least one moment in our busy lives and give thanks to those that protect and those who have protected our rights and liberties and that they may continue to do so.

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