Painting thoughts

I often resort to a tiny brush to get nasty areas. This one is hidden behind the refrigerator; one wonders why I take the time or make the effort.

I hate the prep.

With this kitchen job, I have had very little prep to do. Even so, the little prep I have had is annoying.

I have been doing this job in stages so as not to disrupt our lives too much. Because of our schedule, it is hard to do a job that requires a sequence of days of disruption. Having a disrupted house makes it difficult with childcare. I remember how hard it was back in the day when we had to disrupt everything, with kids and all, because we had no recourse. Now that we have more freedom, it seems so hard to get into the mode of total disarray of the home.

Yesterday, I did the second stage and part of the third. I decided to do one wall and I did two thirds of the other. I left the area behind the refrigerator for my last stage. Actually, I did not complete yesterday’s stage, but I only have some touch up and a final coat of paint. I don’t have to do the trim, just the rolling of the paint.

I woke up to a very cold house. Yesterday, it was nice but cool; the evening before, it had been very warm, almost to the point of air conditioning. As it stands, neighbors to the north and malbor to the south of us both had their air on. We were holdouts. With the windows open and the ceiling fan in operation, we were fine. This morning, it is in the low 60s in our house. I don’t want to put the heat on since I am painting.

So my stage today is behind the fridge. I have to pull it out, vacuum, rough up the wall with sandpaper, and paint. I intend to get two coats on it and be done with it.

With all that done, I need to get my Rustoleum white to do the kitchen woodwork. I am tired of trying to believe that a latex white can do the job, it looks bad within a very short period of time. I am just going to do what I did forty years ago and use oil base paint. I was thinking how with latex, one has to paint more often because there is no comparison in durability. Oh well, our environment deserves it, even we don’t all agree about that.

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