This bush has grown so fast that if I open the window and close it, leaves get stuck!

I feel as if I were in Ireland.

It is so green, it is hard to believe. The weekend was one in which it rained intermittently and the tornado fears and warnings of storm winds were omnipresent. It is very wet. Before, it was too cold to be outside any length of time, now it is just too wet.

Lush is another word that comes to mind. Not only the regular plants, but the weeds are everywhere.

My flowerbeds, that look so empty at winter’s end, are full of plants. It is almost as if I wonder where they even came from. I thought I was going to have so many empty spots to fill and that is far from the case. The only annuals are the dahlias that I have put in, some having survived the winter in my house in tuber form.

The coneflowers seem to have enjoyed the winter because they have come back with a vengeance. The funny thing about them is that years ago, when I moved here, I bought them and at this point it would be hard to get rid of them, not that I would want to. They are prolific. I love them but when I saw the different colors of other varieties, I bought them. Each and every newbie coneflower died out. I still have the basic one I bought years ago. That one you cannot kill.

We have not seen much of the hummingbird, but he is back. On Memorial Day, the Baltimore Oriole showed up at the hummingbird feeder, taking his turn. Funny how it almost took a lifetime to see one, my first being last year. I wonder if it is the same one!

Meanwhile, everything green is going crazy!

Go Green!

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