Rain barrels

Why does one have rain barrels?

Normally, it is for watering the plants. I have a set up where I have three rain barrels behind the garage. They are attached to the gutters, the gutters draining directly into two of them and there is a special set of hoses whereby the two rain barrels can drain their overflow into the extra barrel.

I have a hose set up so that on the patio we have access to the water without having to go behind the garage. That allows us to have water where we need it and there is enough pressure to allow us to fill up watering cans.

This set up has been discovered by the grandkids. They quickly saw that there is a special attachment allowing you to turn on or off the water flow.

What I am saying here is that the kids now have a brand new toy that gives them the ability to fill pails or watering cans and water this and that. They also now have a new set up for ‘washing’ the vehicles. On a warm day, this is a heck of a lot of fun for them.

Today it is warm; today it is sunny; today is a day for rain barrel water play.

Stripped down to bathing suit or pull up diaper, we are set to go.

I cannot tell you how much joy this brings the little ones and how much time they spend on it, having all kinds of fun and water play.

Stewie gets involved as well; he loves water and he loves following the grandkids around and playing with them as he herds them here and there, or maybe they herd him.

Another fun day at the Koerner’s house!

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