Oh what a beautiful morning!

Al fresco! This is the first morning that we have actually managed to sit outside at the patio table and enjoy our coffee and multi-grain bread toast. The weather is cooperating, although it is a bit cool. I have shorts on and a shirt-jacket over my t-shirt. It will soon be removed.

The day has been spectacular and the only thing missing is the Baltimore Oriole that has graced us with his presence for the past few days. We are seeing the usual birds at the sunflower feeders, a periodic chipmunk or squirrel, and lots of incredibly beautiful cardinals.

The special treat is the hummingbird who has come back and visiting us even more often than before. I am hoping that he (she?) will get to be okay with us around. Often, just turning our heads in his direction are enough to spook him. Yesterday, I cleaned out the hummingbird feeder (this is where the Baltimore Oriole showed up) and replaced the sugar syrup that I had made a week ago and placed in the refrigerator. We no longer keep refined white sugar in the house so I had to make a special purchase just for the hummingbird. My attempt to make the syrup with the organic was a disaster. It went bad really fast. I had also read to not use it as they thought that the iron in the sugar was bad for hummingbirds. Then I read that that info was false. Nonetheless, it couldn’t stand up to the weather and the mold I had growing in the hummingbird feeder made me not want to use it again. Making it is easy, peasy, as it is three parts water to one part sugar. You boil the water, put the sugar in, stir until dissolved, allow to cool and store the extra in the fridge.

The hummingbird seems to love the coral bells that are profusely blooming. If my memory serves me right, they were my grandmother’s plants before also heading into my mother’s garden. To me, it seems odd that the hummingbird would find them worth their time, but he always frequents them. The Baltimore Oriole did a fly by, he was not happy we are here. I am hoping he returns.

The gas landscaping equipment has started up. That was another reason that this breakfast al fresco was so spectacular. Okay, time to move on and start the day, but what a great beginning.

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