Ooni, formerly known as Uuni, probably changed because somehow Americans have difficulty with the double ‘u’ from the Finnish language.

Ooni or Uuni caught my eye and that of our son, in the not so distant past. They produce a woodfire pizza oven that is portable and made for outside use. Foodies, we are and well, the opportunity to have a woodfired pizza or tarte flambée is of great interest to us.

I saw it recently at the local hardware store and mentioned it to Mikey. He took a look at it. Previously, we had only been able to look at it online. The device is powered by hardwood pellets, oak in our case although there are other choices. Apparently, from seeing the Traeger grills at the hardware store, woodfired grills are the latest rage.

I figured that although I am not thinking I am going to be the one to thoroughly get involved, Mikey will be able to use it to create for us and to use it for his private chef business. I see that as a win/win.

On Wednesday, a very hot day to do it, we fired it up to see how it would go. It was amazing. The engineering and Finnish thought that went into this device are amazing. Clearly, there is a learning curve, but the pizzas and tarte flambées it made in a very short time (about a minute per item) were fantastic.

The oven is surprisingly portable, costs about $300 (I got it for $275 from ACE because they met the online, no shipping price from www.ooni.com, and it does what it says it will do. Perhaps that is why they have so many good reviews (five out of five stars for quite a few respondees).

It was so good that today I just ordered a propane attachment, making the production of pizza for Mikey’s clients all the easier, that way you could spend your creative time making the pizzas and not worrying about putting wood pellets in to maintain the close to nine hundred degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

We still plan on the woodburning aspect for our own use.

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