Painting again

We had been planning this day all week. We were hoping against hope that the weather would go along with us. After our little fiasco the last time I painted with the dog, we decided to be more pro-active and avoid having to extract Border collie undercoat fur from the fresh paint.

Not a good idea to paint, and an even worse idea is to use oil based paint. I, however, am really tired of the wear and tear that our walls and, particularly, woodwork, take.The woodwork I am painting was painted at the same time as the walls (except for the kitchen). The walls are okay in the living room and dining room, but the woodwork has taken a beating. The risers on the steps had been painted with an oil based paint before, but they need redoing. I thus pulled out my oil based Rustoleum white and went to town.

Today I painted pre-primed woodwork: the door frame for the front door, the door frames for the kitchen going into the dining room and living room, the door frame for the living room closet and the molding adjacent to it, the molding in the kitchen, the door frame of the back door to the patio, the back door itself, and the sides of the steps from the family room to the living room and then from the living room to the upper level. I also did a chair rail and the molding in part of the hallway upstairs. I guess one would say I was busy.

Stewart spent the whole day outside. Our hope is that by the time we let him back in, that the paint will be cured enough to resist the attachment of his undercoat fur. Since I started around 8:00 AM, I think we shall be okay.

Add into all of this that we had a stopped up kitchen sink and had to have a plumber out… That meant that I had to pull everything out from under the sink.

We had a fun day.

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