Sweet William, folding laundry, rolling exercise clothing, and thoughts

Sweet William.

My roll up of exercise clothing, a variation of a military t-shirt roll. I should patent it!

I have a basket of clothes in the house that I need to fold. Among them are my exercise clothes that I roll up to have a single item I take with me to the gym in my bag. It keeps me from arriving and finding out that I have, for example, no socks.

I am outside, having breakfasted al fresco. I am hankering to go to That Little French Guy for a croissant and real coffee, but it has not happened. Maybe tomorrow.

I am enjoying the cool breeze and the sun and blue sky. It is a true gift.

My Lotus plants are not moving along very fast and I wonder if it is due to the cool weather. My hibiscus and grapefruit tree are both stunted by the crazy spring and weather. My yard is green. My kitchen is painted and the other oil based updates to the steps, risers, and molding are doing well. I will have to at least do some second coating in some areas, but the really hard work is done.

Stewart spent the whole day outside yesterday as I painted from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. He loves it, but the problem with Stewart is that he is a Border collie and needs to be where we are. If I am in the house, he wants to be there. With an oil based paint that was still slightly tacky even as we went to bed, that was not a great idea as his fur loves to be attached to it.

Sweet William is blooming. In our first house in La Grange Park, Illinois, we grew Sweet William. Once planted, it kept reseeding. It is a biennial and thus the first year it grows and the flowers are on the second year parts of the plant, much like raspberries. It has a fragrance that is to die for…

I have to blow off a part of the covered gutters today as the maple ‘helicopters’ are covering it completely. I will have to do the patio and walkways as well.

Tonight is a sleepover. Two of our grandkids are on the Canadian side of Lake Erie with their parents, not far from Niagara Falls; the other two are having a sleepover with Papi and Grandma. It will be fun.

Off to finish my folding and rolling and then off to the gym, perhaps.

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