Humid, gloomy, and gray

It is the month of June and I keep changing my clothing. One minute I am hot, the next minute I am cold. Luckily, we are able to be outside more, but one wonders where this is all going and given the weather we have experienced thus far, I am not optimistic.

We had a sleepover last night and it went well. We had the two older girls at our house as their younger cousins are still in Canada and their parents were having a major party, making it a perfect moment to be with the grandparents. We watched National Velvet with Elizabeth Taylor, as the older granddaughter is really into horses. It could not have been better received.

We had a great time and they spent a lot of time looking for the toad I had found the other day and placed by the pond. The younger granddaughter has her own toad, picked up on a recent camping trip, and whose name is Scarlet. In the morning, when they got up, they immediately wanted to be outside and continue what they had started the evening before. It was hard for them to go home, but the older was running a special carnival at their house to raise money for some local charity.

The gloom is still present, as it has been all day, and yesterday when we had the girls in the back yard, the police stopped by to visit. Stewart had opened his muzzle and uttered, « Woof, woof. » The police spent little time with us as they understood the ridiculousness of the situation.

The pond is still not clear, but is clearer than yesterday. I cleaned the filters and recleaned the small one again today. Each time it rains, and it seems to do that all the time, the water gets murky.

Oh well.

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