Day One of our trip to Germany

Sometimes, you just need a stupid movie. Like when you are traveling and you need to get some rest on a transatlantic flight. I started watching Creed 2 and managed to doze in and out but retain the gist of the movie. Now I need some more rest and so I am watching Aquaman. I am not feeling very tired, so who knows what will happen.

Within a few hours, we shall be setting foot on Dutch soil, after a flight from Chicago that left around 4:30 PM in the afternoon. We are heading to Frankfurt, our first stop on a BachFest with a church group: Holy Cross Lutheran Church of Libertyville.

Mary Kay and I both know Randy Casey. He and I were colleagues at New Trier High School and then he jumped ship after I left and went to Lake Forest High School. Randy is a musician, pianist, organist, and choral director. The church where he directs the choir sponsored a trip to Germany. They not only accepted their own church members, but also others. We are on the trip and so is a former colleague of mine and her husband (they went on the last trip five years ago), as well as a former colleague of MK’s from Lake Forest.

We left on a gloomy, wet, gray day for an almost two week trip that will get to Heidelberg, Leipzig, Dresden, and Hamburg, as well as some other, smaller towns. We are excited and know that we shall have a great time. Somehow, Deerfield and Highland Park shall have to manage without us for a few days. Meanwhile, as I write, I am somewhat following Aquaman, and I am enjoying a flight to Europe on KLM. We paid a few dollars more for some extra legroom and find ourselves in a very large plane, a 747-400 combi. We are in a room on the plane that has an aisle with three seats and window on one side and two seats and a wall on the other. I believe there are about ten rows. So far, the Dutch treatment we are receiving is primo.

Before boarding, I saw a former colleague from Lake Forest of Mary Kay’s who is accompanying students on an exchange to Amsterdam. That was a huge surprise.

I noticed light on the other side of the cabin and am guessing we are approaching the western coast of Europe. Breakfast shall be coming.

I finished a Zane Gray book: Arizona Ames, a Western Story. It was great.

Soon to be in Amsterdam, and then a connection to Frankfurt.

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  1. Randy Casey says:

    I shall be reading your posts every day with curiosity.

    • I hope you enjoy them. As I am finding, sometimes I think I have little to say and it just flows out; other days it is the opposite. I hope you are having a terrific time in Prague. Thank you for a wonderful trip. It was nothing short of amazing and we enjoyed everything from the trip itself to the wonderful people we got to know better.

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