Day Two: Heidelberg and Schwäbisch Hall

Once we finally arrived in Frankfurt, we gathered our forces, reconnected with all of the people of the group (some had arrived earlier), and met Silvia, our bus driver, who took us in the direction of Heidelberg. Not all of us had managed to sleep on the plane, I think I may have had a good two hours of in an out sleep, and the day was extremely beautiful. I cannot believe that I am saying this but the weather was perfect and decidedly unlike what we are used to on the North Shore. It was sunny and between warm and cool.

In Heidelberg, we opted to head to a Biergarten in a hidden courtyard, the Kultur Bräuerei and set half in the sun and half out. We had Apfelschorle, a great drink with cider mixed with a fizzy water. It is quite refreshing. We also had weisswurst and the wonderful, large pretzels.

After our refreshing moment in the biergarten, we walked around town, not heading up to the castle overlooking the Neckar river, but to the main plaza. It was lovely. Needless to say, our batteries were not fully charged and we were close to exhaustion.

We got in the bus and went toward Schwäbisch Hall, a town of about 25,000 and hilly. There we walked around, saw some churches, and finally got to a restaurant where we had a seven course meal. This was in Bergl Hall. Then we went to our hotel, the Hotel Sonneck, a lovely place in a residential area.

We managed to sleep well; personally, I think that the jet lag is gone.

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