Hot and muggy July

Clearly, we are still way behind in our summer. The plants and flowers are truly held way back and are appearing pretty much a month later than normal.

It is finally hot and muggy and, of course, I have a summer cold. Mary Kay made sure to point out to me that there was a guy on our plane from Amsterdam to Chicago who had a seemingly filthy red handkerchief that he kept blowing his nose into. All I could think about were the germs floating around in that plane. It was a few days later and I was infected…

Earlier in the year I was very apprehensive about getting sick since I was having a minor medical procedure and I really did not want to have to cancel it since I had mustered up the courage to deal with it. MK was extremely sick at the time and for the first time in our marriage, I moved out of the bedroom for a while. I managed to stay healthy, have the procedure, and move on.

Being sick in the summer means that you never seem to know what you should be doing. Do you go to the gym or do you hold yourself back? I went to the gym yesterday, but I clearly did not feel up to snuff. Do you go to the pool and swim? My doctor’s thought was a clear “No.”

I would like to go to the pool but I keep thinking that my mom would tell me that I would contract pneumonia. That goes along with the waiting an hour after you eat to go swimming, something that is now deemed to be incorrect. Back in the day, we took those things seriously and those ideas stay with you for a lifetime. My eccentric mom to her dying day said that it was not good to drink water while eating meals.

Despite the fact that I don’t feel all that bad, I am hacking like crazy. Even the honey doesn’t help all that much.

Oh well, each day seems to be better than the previous.

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