Thoughts on Independence Day 2019

As we approached the 4th of July, I must admit that I have not had the same feelings as I have had in previous years. It just doesn’t feel the same.

I cannot help but think back to my days of being in the classroom teaching adolescents, talking about the preface to Rhinocéros by Eugène Ionesco, and warning that Fascism could happen anywhere and we could take nothing for granted.

Sometimes, it is unpleasant when one realizes that what one has said turns out to be true. Clearly, the American public has been victimized by foreign governments; I have thought that all along; Jimmy Carter’s recent mention of it has brought it to the forefront of my thoughts. We have also, seriously, been unaware, ignorant, and uncaring that there is a huge segment of our population that feels itself on the fringes as if its needs are not being taken care of. Their despair is our national tragedy.

Clearly, I don’t agree with the needs of those human beings who feel so strongly negative about women’s rights, abortion issues, sexuality, equality, guns, and such. I don’t believe we can cater to them any longer. We can, however, do something about making positive changes in the country via education, healthcare, job opportunities, to bring them more into the fold of being responsible, respectful citizens. Our elected officials and we the voters have been remiss.

I grabbed the flag, the flag my mom had for my veteran of WWII dad, that had flown in front of the Naval Building in Washington D.C. and I unfurled it and placed it outside as I have done since I was a kid. My enthusiasm was less than normal, I am truly in a depressed state when I think of our nation, our character, our faults, and our current situation. We could do so much good and yet we are in such a huge, damn rut.

Instead of caring for our individuals, we are spending a large amount of money today to showcase a parade in Washington that is atypical and needless and a total slap in the face to most Americans. Tanks? Really?

Let’s hope and pray that we can properly muster our energy to make changes that benefit each and every American without being at the expense of another.

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Almost seventy something, father, papi, educator, organizer, Francophile, traveler, amateur photographer, gardener, cyclist, kayaker, calligrapher, cinephile, reader, and overall renaissance type human being.
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