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Happy Bastille Day!

I am frustrated with today’s newspapers. I find that I am not able to actually read a lot. I end up skimming, sometimes land on an article, and once in a while, reading it to completion. I am especially frustrated with the local newspapers. I personally find the Tribune of Chicago less than great and I would drop it in a moment’s notice, if it were left to me. I still skim it, but I am more often than not disappointed.

The New York Times is a totally different ball game and if I had my druthers, we would have that daily. As it now is, we get it on Sunday, so that works out relatively well. I still cannot manage to read most of the articles, but I guess that my skimming will just have to do.

The New Yorker is a magazine that I find of great quality. Once again, at my age, I cannot manage to actually read the articles. It is as if I have literature ADD or ADHD. I will say, that as Mary Kay pointed out to me, each copy of the New Yorker and each edition of the Sunday New York Times has at least one amazing article, making it work the acquisition of the piece of news media.

George Soros, a man of Hungarian origin, showed up in the New York Times, was the subject of an article that I actually did completely read. Each Sunday, there is always at least one.

I find that although I have plenty of grammatical bones to pick with the local newspapers, that I have many fewer in the New York media.

Mary Kay is currently perusing the latest edition of the New Yorker and luckily will locate that one article or poem that is a must read. It helps to have a literary assistant.

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