Al fresco again

It is perfect! The weather has obliged and the overpowering, heavy heat that was weighing us down has changed to cooler weather. Yet, it is still summerlike and the al fresco moments that we love have returned. Add into this that the malbor is apparently under the weather enough that he is only out for very limited times and when he is, is clearly hampered by his breathing to the point that he kind of barks as he does his strange version of landscaping. Before you know it, he retreats to the interior of his house.

The only issue we seem to have is the little biting insects that seem to plague our legs and feet as we sit at the patio table. I smashed one on my leg and we determined that it was a chigger. I have heard of them forever but I never truly understood what they actually were. Now I know.
The day is in the mid seventies and the humidity has gone down. It is wonderful.

Visiting us on a daily basis are the cardinals who regale us with their songs and the Monarch butterfly that visits our clematis, coral bells, and coneflowers. The hummingbird has also made his presence known and the toad keeps making appearances, looking fatter each time we see her. Her name is Molly, christened by one of our grandgirls and according to their research, she is a she.

The breeze is slightly cool. Oh, please stay this way.

I am hoping to get to the pool, wishing that my awful summer cold with its intense tickle to cough goes away. I have had enough of it as it is almost going on two weeks. I think MK has had even more of a hard time with it than I have as she listens to me hack in my tubercular fashion. I shouldn’t say that as my family has had its share of tuberculosis over the years, but luckily, not for some sixty years or so.

I am off to my book, the new one by Greg Iles: Cemetery Road. It is amazing.

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