Grandkids and hot summer days

It is just about 8:30 and although we are enjoying immensely the act of being calmly on the patio enjoying a cup of coffee, the peace is marred by the noise of gasoline powered devices meant to trim lawns.

I could complain, but is it worth it? Sometimes it is, but in this instance, I see a group of people who must originally have been from south of the border trying to make a living by doing lawns. They are hard workers and I can only imagine what they feel like at the end of the day being outside, working long hours in the sun for little pay, and not always being treated as the human beings they are. Our lawn guys are always blown away by the drinks we offer them: usually ice cold coke in the summer and coffee laced with lots of milk and sugar when it gets cold. I had a hard time convincing them that they can have it on our patio or even eat their lunches there.

I shall let it go.

It makes me wonder how ill the malbor is and whether or not he will feel well enough to complain. Yesterday, if he was out for an hour, that was a lot. We heard his labored breathing and grunt/cough as he tooled around his yard with his cart, oxygen tank, mask, and tools. At more than one point, around seven in the evening, he would be slamming things down on the ground, apparently angry about something.

We were exhausted after a full day, starting at six thirty AM and not ending until past seven with all four of the grandchildren. We only had two until past ten and then they left before five. The other two were with us as was their solo dad (mom is in Europe with students) for dinner. They had Uncle Mikey’s ‘soupy whoopy’ as we call it, delicious chicken broth laced with duck, and Hungarian alphabet noodles. All the grandkids ate like crazy all day long, as usual.

I managed to get in a few things here and there: I trimmed the black currant and gooseberries back. They were a mistake, next to the garage and apparently not enough sun, I am going to give them away. I changed out the filter for the aerator on the pond; the pond is as clear as it has been all season. I also harvested red currant; there still isn’t a whole lot, and I had to get through the raspberries to do that; they are growing like crazy. MK and I had a ton of things to do with the grandkids. The main fun of the day was digging in the small plot of land between our driveway and the fence, I helped dig (and removed more and more stones as there used to be marble stones in these beds) while they grabbed earthworms. They also had more play with chalk and water and in the small kiddy pools we have.

Ah, today is recovery day, tomorrow is a grandkid sleepover.

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