Hair clip in the beard day

They told us (those goofy meteorologists) that we would possible have some rain this morning and then intense heat, perhaps the hottest of the summer. The rains were heavy as of about 6:30 AM and have not stopped. That is not what we were counting on.

We had originally sheduled today for window washing and clearly that is not happening although I have still not gotten in touch with the young man who is supposed to do it and it is almost 10:00 AM.

I wonder what happened to the weather?

I am curious as to how cloudy the pond has gotten given the heavy rain. I had finally gotten it to the point of clarity and I am guessing that has now passed.

Raspberry picking didn’t happen yesterday and clearly is not happening today.

The two granddaughters scheduled to be here are, in fact arrived, and the other two, given the fact that playing is compromised outside, are on the way here. The next question is, where to go from here? Given the fact that one of my granddaughters put a hair clip in my beard, I am fearful that I may soon be covered in more as she just walked down the steps with a handful of them.

The littlest grandkids have arrived and the hairclips are going in one by one. I am sensing that truly I am a good sport.

Stewie is barking and smells awful. He is in need of a bath (that is on Friday) and the rain water that soaked him on our walk has brought out all the bad smells contained in his fur.

I am wondering where this day is going.

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