Very hot!

Another of our daily visitors: the Red Admiral, first discovered by Carl Linnaeus in the 1700s.

It was in the 80s when I got up; it is clear that it is going to be a hot day.Yesterday we had a monsoon morning from daybreak on and it did not clear up until about two or three in the afternoon.

Today it was in the 80s and it is hitting the 90s as we speak. Noon has just passed.

Stewart has already been to the doggy beauty salon and is now less of a dog than he was before, his fur has been thinned out.

I don’t have much planned for today; yesterday we had the kids, actually all four of them (with one of the mom’s for several hours as well, and today is for relaxation. I did go to Home Depot after dropping Stewie off for his grooming session and picked up some lubricant for the garage door, which I have already used. I also pulled out a bunch of weeds, noticing that they are pretty much all that is growing.

When the heat gets to this point, and the dryness had been in place for a few days, the plants kind of stop growing. The weeds that thrive on heat and need little water like purslane and plantain, went crazy, especially the purslane. I have been yanking it out from the DMZ, next to the driveway, and leaving it there to dehydrate in the sun before disposing of it.

I had transplanted bits of sedum when the crazy person next door redid his half, giving me the chance, since he put a line down the center while creating two separate pieces of flower bed, so that I could remove the hideous marble stones that decompose with age and turn an ugly brown. They also often find themselves on the driveway and get crushed into a white powder when run over by a tire.

I picked Stewie up, and now I am tying to cool off. Soon off to the pool with my book and perhaps spend an hour swimming. I love doing that.

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