Day Two of Stratford, BYOF

Bring Your Own Flyswatter.

Culture shock can take many different forms. Sometimes you almost hate yourself for it.

Over the years, we have noticed that despite the many similarities between Stratford, Ontario, and the U.S., there are some areas where there are differences, some of which are hard to take.

We had a great day; it was sunny out and tending toward the hot side, and we went into town. We checked out the local stores that we know so well and ended up having poutine at Bentley’s, for my annual fix.

We came back and had a leisurely time reading and spending time in the salt water pool. Then, when we were really nicely relaxed, we took our showers and got into some nice clean clothes and walked down Brunswick to Molly Bloom’s Pub for a burger. It is Monday, and there are no plays whatsoever and many restaurants are even closed.

BYOF. Bring your own flyswatter. We were seated near a window which was apparently the hangout for all of the pesky flies in the establishment. Over the years, we have noticed that our sensibility to flies has been put into question as more than one Canadian establishment seems to have some issues. We seriously have thought about it because we wonder what do American restaurants do to not have this problem? It made us think that perhaps the Canadian method, although not always pleasant, is probably way safer for all of us in the long run. In talking to our server, she said that although they do things when they have ants and other pesky insects, flies do not incur any sort of chemical wrath. Perhaps this is something that we should be less offended by? Wherein lies the answer?

We decided to move to a different table and we found that we were freed from the pesky flies and we didn’t have to have nasty chemicals that could ultimately harm us way more than the fllies. Unfortunately, Molly Bloom’s burger wasn’t great either. Cross that off the list.

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