Day Five in Stratford and Mother’s Daughter by Kate Hennig

We got up as usual for our 8:30 AM breakfast at the Three Houses and then went out with our friends to a seminar that included a discussion of Nathan the Wise, that we had seen the previous evening. It was a great discussion of the story and then it was followed by an interview with the actors playing Desdemona and Othello. The question and answer session was wonderful as the actors spoke of their craft, of their experiences at Stratford and elsewhere, and talked about how getting caught up in the acting craft and the characters can be a problem for them. The characters they play that are sometimes less than savory can affect them adversely. Clearly, counseling was big on their lists. Michael Blake played Othello and Amelia Sargisson played Desdemona. The articulate natures of these two talented actors was something special to witness and a truly great way to start the day after having discussed a Lessing play. A special thanks to our good friends, Adrienne and Les, for inviting us to their seminar.

Toward noon, we went to Bentley’s to have a light snack and something to drink before going to the Studio Theatre to see Mother’s Daughter, a play by Kate Hennig, a favorite of ours at Stratford. This was the third in a trilogy of Henry VIII related plays that are a mixture of modern and old, and featuring language and dialogue that would occur today. I am still at a loss to describe what I truly feel after seeing it; I felt that the first act dragged and was repetitive. It was the story of Mary, Bloody Mary that is, daughter of Henry VIII. I felt as if the play were a video in a loop, it seemed to go over the same thing again and again, why she should do away with her half-siblings. I am hoping that a good night’s sleep will help clear my head on my thoughts.

We had a delightful afternoon glass of tea, in our case, and Diet Coke, in Barbara’s case. Barbara had been encountered the day before at Revival House where MK and I had dinner. MK finally went up to her table, after realizing that German was being spoken. Barbara and her friends come from Switzerland and were even at the Seminar we attended with our dear friends from Highland Park in the morning.

Barbara departed and Claudia and Edie showed up for dinner. We are luckily having dinner with them tonight and tomorrow night (Thursday and Friday) as they are enjoying Stratford as well. Dinner is with Les and Adrienne on Saturday.

We came back to the B&B, took a dip, and relaxed the rest of the evening. I am reading a CJ Box book, ‘Wolf Pack’ and thoroughly enjoying it.

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