Day Seven in Stratford…do we have to leave?

Note the sign on the flower box…

We had a nice beginning to the day with breakfast and conversation and then went to the Art in the Park between the under construction Tom Patterson Theatre and the Festival Theatre. We saw Donna Feore, director of the Little Shop of Horrors, walking around town, exercising, and then parked our car. We made a few purchases and did our utmost to do a good job for the economy. It is advantageous for us to make purchases given the exchange rate which is in our favor.

We went into town and had a snack and drink and chilled a bit in preparation for the 2:00 PM showing of Noël Coward’s ‘Private Lives,’ which was incredibly funny. It starred Geraint Wynn Davies and Lucy Peacock, two favorites. The comedy is wonderful and still relevant to this day. We saw our friends there and had a drink with them; they are flying back to Chicago tomorrow. They departed and we moved to the table with our new Swiss friends. It is getting more like we are a part of this town as we cannot seem to move around without encountering someone we know. We then left as we had to get ready to go to dinner with our Highland Park friends who are also leaving tomorrow by plane. We spoke to our B&B host on the street and to Lucy Peacock as well, who was going home after leaving the theatre and the performance that we saw.

We went to dinner with them and had a great time at a place that was new to all of us. It could not have been nicer. It is hard to believe we are going home but all good things have to come to an end. Tomorrow, we have a lunch appointment in Ann Arbor with friends. Ann Arbor represents about the half way mark home, so it is a good place to make a stop.

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