I love all seasons, but despite the heat, I love the summer probably most. I love to get outside and feel the warmth of the sun and I love to ‘putz’ around in the garden and deadhead flowers and such. ‘Putz’ is a word that MK uses for usual plan of action around the house and yard.

My latest venture has been to prepare the little playhouse for a bit of a rehab. The stain has been wearing off the cedar siding more than on our actual house (I am glad of that) and it needs a new coat. I recently scraped it off and I have been taking care of other little items of need as I catch them. I just had a local handyman make a new door with a plexiglass window that doesn’t always get stuck the way the old one did. It is easier on the kids than the previous one. I have already stained it and it set the bar for the playhouse as now the rest of it looks needy. I have caulked and filled in holes and even did some work to cover up some damage on the lower west end of it. Despite its being on the west, the house and a large tree keep it in the shade all the time.

I am caulking like crazy as I want to keep as many insects and creatures as possible out of the small above that has a porcelain tile floor. I plan to do a major cleaning of it once I am done with all of the exterior work. The interior, with its chalkboard and pegboard walls is doing very well.

My hope is that the kids will be excited about it and spend more time playing in it. The playhouse even has the same roof as our actual house, the workers having placed a roof on it at the same time.

I am hoping that this will extend the amount of time the kids can play outside as this protects them from the harsh winds as fall heads into winter.

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