The Playhouse

My next playhouse job is to paint the pergola and lower white trim.

Our two year old grapefruit tree from Florida.

The playhouse was rehabbed about eight years ago and I believe that it was stained again at that time. Today, after some minor repairs on the porcelain tile floor and a newly replaced, now stained door with a plexiglass window, I stained the outside. I am thrilled that I have had to spend no money on this rehab. I have found caulk, stain, even paint (which is my next venture) for the white trim and pergola.

The playhouse is mainly played in by the youngest two grandchildren. The older two have issues with a bit of arachnophobia, and seem to freak a bit when they encounter spiders. This playhouse was rehabbed eight years ago to be pretty much sealed up, but no matter what, you are bound to have a spider or two. I have reminded the girls that spiders eat bugs, but it doesn’t matter if you are afraid of spiders; nothing will get you beyond that except working on getting beyond the phobia. That is clearly easier said than done. Their father was in charge of the main rehab and he built a solid platform to put it on and sealed it well.

It looks good. It will look even better after I have done the trim and I will need a bit of time to do that, although the biggest, most unpleasant part of the job is done. I will then have to sand the deck floor a bit and redo it with some newly purchased product.

Once that is all done, I will do a major interior cleaning. I will probably put up some lights on the pergola to dress it up for the coming end of the year.

I am hoping that the passion flower will bloom. I have been nursing it to come back from a major setback weather-wise this spring. I had kept it over in the house during the winter. This is at least, if not more, its third season that I have gotten it to bloom, if I manage that again. I am hoping that that is the case. I have it intertwined in the pergola and it looks really pretty when it flowers.

Meanwhile, today I am actually attending to Mary Kay in the third day of recovery after a total knee replacement. Nurse Ricky here, beware!

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