Knee progress, peanut butter, and refrigerators

Three kinds of peanut butter and fresh yogurt that I made while MK convalesces.

As we are in the full throes of post-operative knee replacement and the scenarios it delivers to us whether we want them or not, there are many funny things that Hausherr become Infirmier (note the switch from German to French, househusband to nurse) gets involved in.

As I have been responsible for getting meals on the table, and I am totally thwarted by a medically driven lack of desire for food on the part of my patient, thank you Norco, I have been spending an inordinate amount of time opening and closing the refrigerator door. The refrigerator has been under organizational changes on a weekly basis, normally, it is pretty much MK with a dabble or two of me, but for a recent week, Mikey and company were here and did some maintenance cleaning and organizing. I heavily hit the organization, something that is dangerous for MK because we have two different sets of logic here and they can clash as my logic is not always hers. So I open it up, see an area that needs attention and I pull everything out, wipe it down, dry it off, and reorganize and return the contents. Somehow, crazy me finds that process cathartic.

In doing so this morning, I noticed that we have three different types of peanut butter, two of which are my favorites. As a treat mainly for myself, I bought freshly ground honey roasted peanut butter. I also bought regular freshly ground peanut butter. I also made sure we had Smuckers’ Natural Peanut Butter since MK doesn’t really care all that much for the freshly ground. I still like the Smuckers but I must say that I prefer freshly ground because of the texture and because it tastes even more like peanuts than Smuckers. All this silliness is coming from me, a Peter Pan peanut butter lover from way back in my youth. I left that love in my twenties, if I am not correct, falling in love with simple peanut butter with no additives.

Meanwhile, back at the knee therapy locale, MK is chomping at the bit with the walker and although she knows she should use it exclusively for the time being, she is truly interested in furthering the cane experience. Not that she likes canes, because it almost killed her to have me buy her one, but she is hell bent on moving into the totally ambulatory zone.

Meanwhile, painkillers are on the decline as she weans herself off of them.

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