One day at a time

Comfort food: Oven baked breaded pork chop, noodle kugel, salad, watermelon, and a bit of baguette.

As I write, I am paying slight attention to the TV. It is AcornTV and the show is one that takes place in James Herriot’s home town. James Herriot and his animal tales are well known on PBS and in our family via the book ‘Just One Woof’ about a litter of Border collies. It is a vet show called ‘The Yorkshire Vet.’ It is quite the pleasant show. MK is lying down with her new knee leg on top of two pillows. Pam the PT person mentioned that it would be a good idea to get the swelling down. Although we didn’t think much of the swelling at first, Pam thought it would be good to get it down further. MK is hoping to do it five times today. I therefore actually turned on the TV so that she could do something while lying down in a position that makes reading somewhat impossible.

Today, a full week after surgery, a Tuesday, MK has graduated to walking with a cane from the couch to the bathroom and also to walk around under my supervision. Yesterday, she had over 2000 steps on her Apple Watch. I was approaching around 8,000, what with playing Nurse Ricky.

I went to the store this morning before the storm hit and picked up some milk and sweet cherries. I made a batch of yogurt the day before as I think that given MK’s huge intake of all kinds of medication, perhaps it might help.

I have some cooking to do this afternoon, comfort food: baked, breaded pork chops and noodle kugel (cooked egg noodles baked in a sauce of sour cream, eggs, milk, a bit of salt, and butter). I have salad fixings and a nice fresh baguette, I only wish I had been able to get to ‘That Little French Guy. ‘

Stewie is sitting next to me as it drizzles lightly outside.

Another day of rehab and recovery…

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