Herrens Veje, Borgen, ‘rising stones,’ and life’s issues

Overall, there are no annoyances with the rehab. Yes, it is tiring, even from my standpoint. Frustrating? Yes and no. It is truly hard to be frustrated when you see progress on a daily basis and you get closer and closer to the point where normalcy is reached.

Television is amazing right now. We had watched a Danish show that we fell in love with, Herrens Veje, about a Danish vicar of all things. It is probably the best TV ever. In any case, when we were in Canada, our host David, told us of Borgen, a show also created and written by Adam Price, the Director of Herrens Veje. We found it on iTunes and purchased the first season. It is equally wonderful, although this time it is politics as a focus, about a woman who is the head of the Moderate Party in Denmark and comes to power in a political power shift. It details talent, morals, values, and goals. It shows how despite our strong desires to do good, that there are roadblocks and no matter what, if we are to achieve change, we must roll with the punches and sometimes compromise our values. This occurs not only in politics, but in life. Birgitte Nyborg, played by Sidse Babett Knudsen, is a seriously wonderful human being, but her personal and political lives are smooth and rocky at the same time as she tries to do her best.

I remember years ago reading about how when farmers till the soil, that they remove stones and rocks, obviously, to make it easier to do their work. Afterwards, despite having removed almost all of the stones, they keep seeming to ‘float to the surface.’ In our DMZ area, once inhabited by what I viewed as nasty white marble stones that turn brown, I finally cleaned them out. It has been well over a year and I am still constantly picking out stones as I weed. It is as if they are floating up and it never seems to end. It is amazing how these annoying ‘rising stones’ are like life’s issues, occurring in both life and politics.

This is Wednesday, a week and a day since surgery. Everything is moving along smoothly and MK has done major work at working on the swelling and at getting more range of movement. We are expecting the visiting nurse today and also the physical therapist. MK can stand with relative ease, can walk pretty well, and is good at the steps. One day at a time. Needless to say, this is proceeding quite quickly.

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