Hurricanes and tornadoes

This was our sky taken at about the time the tornado was touching down just a few miles north of us…

Having lived in the northern suburbs of Chicago since 1981 after having spent my first years in Illinois (since 1975) in the western suburbs, I have been somewhat deluded about the effects of Nature Mama (Mother Nature) as called by our third grandchild. Deluded in that it just seems that tornadoes avoid the area of the Lake Michigan coastline in Illinois. Clearly, we seem to have way more tornadoes in the area of Plainfield, Illinois, southwest of the city and near where our Des Plaines River connects to the Kankakee River to form the Illinois River.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, somewhat hot and muggy and extremely windy. I kept thinking of Dorian and of the mischief and actual evil ‘he’ was perpetrating in the Bahamas. I kept thinking how one of the wonderful things about the midwest is that we have no hurricanes to deal with. Each region, however, has its own brand of Mama Nature to deal with and I thought in passing of tornadoes. No matter what, it always seems that American weather is more savage than that of Europe.

It wasn’t until the 10:00 PM news that I realized that there had been what they called a ‘possible’ tornado in Waukegan, the county seat of our own Lake County, and saw a video clip of the funnel cloud touching the ground and heard of a car being overturned and trees being uprooted a few short miles from us. I remember that at 6:40, we were sitting down to a dinner al fresco with our two oldest granddaughters and then rapidly cleaning up the kitchen so I could make it in time for my 7:30 PM tutoring session. The weather at that time was delightful and yet a few miles away…

I stopped en route while going to tutor and took a photo of the sky, loaded with clouds while still remaining sunny and beautiful. Just a few short miles from us was a massive weather situation wreaking havoc.

Our politics, country, and government are not the only parts of our lives to be in havoc, that is for sure.

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