Getting back on one’s feet with yogurt

I believe we bought our first Salton yogurt incubator in the 70s…we recently bought another. It just keeps the yogurt warm enough for the culture to grow. Mary Kay’s dad always talked about ‘filibunk,’ Swedish for the yogurt his mother made. They must have done as I do, take some old yogurt and add it to the milk. His mom used to put the yogurt infused milk in a warm spot of the kitchen, clearly near the kitchen’s woodstove. He used to eat his yogurt with nothing in it, although an article I found says that it was often eaten with sugar and/or cinnamon.

They Salton yogurt incubator closed up for some eight hours or so, keeping the culture warm. On completion, it is placed in the fridge.

One of my tasks, during MK’s recuperation from the knee replacement, was to put meals on the table. During the last few years, my meal preparation has dwindled as MK picked it up almost exclusively and I relegated mine to an intermittent ‘every so often.’ So along with keeping MK going so she could deal with pain, medication, exercise, and recovery, I have meals to prepare and a house to maintain and everything that goes along with that. It is a good thing that I have ‘Hausherr,’ the masculine version of ‘Hausfrau’ (housekeeper in my head), capabilities. I guess I must have been trained well by my mom, or more importantly, by my life experiences. She had to go to work after my dad died and my sister and I had to pick up on the household tasks.

MK’s appetite has been a big surprise as I had not thought ahead to the effects of narcotics that one absolutely needs to recover and to be able to do the serious exercises that one has to do to get back mobility and motion. Her appetite was almost non-existent and in the beginning, I was even stocking Coca Cola and Ginger Ale to counterract the effects of the Norco: nausea. Mary Kay soon came up with a nickname, a very ‘Koerner’ sort of thing, and is now Norca. Norca is the feminine form (language teacher here) of Norco in my books. My definition is that Norca is the female person who is under the effects of narcotics and can thus perhaps have issue with texting, not noticing the mistake she might be making…

We quickly learned what was needed in order to offset the Norco’s effects was to make sure that she had some crackers to munch on (at least two), whenever she had to take the meds.

The appetite issue, however, was a totally different ball game. In to play came Mikey’s chicken stock laced with duck that is a frozen standard in our house. We have Ziploc bags of it in the downstairs freezer. The grandkids will not partake of much else soup-wise and will seriously down the soup, ending with a hopefully ecological straw. Unfortunately, we bought a supply of bad straws before the major talk of the evils of straws and are running through them till they are done.

The other thing she can eat and does all the time, is my homemade yogurt. I take several tablespoons of the old yogurt, put it aside, and put the milk on the stove, bring it to a boil, immediately put it in a cold bath to speed the chilling to about one hundred twelve degrees, and then mix in the starter (the two tablespoons I put aside). Once in jars, it goes in the Salton incubator for about eight hours. This makes a wonderful yogurt that our youngest grandkids love with a little bit of organic sugar.

What would we have done without the yogurt and the soup to sustain us?

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