More on yogurt and the Weck Jars

Here are the wonderful, solid, Weck jars. They come in all kinds of sizes, but this one works for our Salton Yogurt Maker.

When in Germany this summer, we were in a store and saw some wonderful glass jars in one of the stores.

I have been hampered, for some time, by the Salton yogurt containers to be used with the Salton yogurt incubator. They are great in size and shape, but the lids are made of a plastic that cannot withstand the test of time. They start splitting. I went online to purchase more lids and the lids that I have come up with are not good at all, splitting after a short time. I went on Ebay and did the same and they split almost immediately, apparently having been older to begin with.

So while in Germany, we spied the glass jars and I thought that they looked like the perfect size. They have two sorts of lids: one of glass, gasket, and clamps and the other of plastic. MK went online to purchase them. They are produced by the Weck Company. We now have over ten of them, which is good if I want to make a double batch of yogurt in the Salton machine, since we now have two of them. Each incubator can take five jars and these jars fit perfectly. The jars are also nice for pudding or maybe even small leftovers.

The new jars are much more presentable and professional looking than the Salton jars and are easy to clean.

With MK on the mend and with our youngest grandchild absolutely in love with, as he calls it, ‘Papi’s yogurt,’ this is all a good move on our part. Despite the many ways that you can serve yogurt: plain sugar, vanilla sugar, either sugar with fruit, jams and jellies, we almost always just put plain brownish, organic sugar on the yogurt, to truly enjoy it.

It is a win/win for us as it tastes good and we know exactly what goes in it: whole, Oberweis milk (which is actually more organic than other organic milk) and a couple of tablespoons of the previous batch of yogurt (or of store bought plain yogurt).

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  1. JL Krol says:

    Hello, Richard Koerner. Yes, the lids for Salton’s yogurt maker dried out quickly. Did you purchase their Medium sized Weck lids for Salton’s milk glass jars, or did you purchase Weck plastic lids with Weck jars? Please advise, as I’ve been looking for replacement lids. Thank for your understanding and timely response.

    • We have five of the Weck plastic lids and at least the same amount of the glass lids with gasket and metal clamps (they are a bit more complicated to deal with) thinking that we could have more of a multi-purpose usage of them. They are amazing. I am hoping that I can show you the photos here. Actually, check my post of April 14, 2020 as they will be the featured photos.

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