Diana’s missing earrings

A beautiful orchid from good friend Adrienne to cheer up MK in her convalescence. As it turns out, the Physical Therapist got MK’s new knee to 123 degrees yesterday, a few degrees short of a ‘normal final goal. ‘

Hubbub is a part of life and despite our efforts, periodically, it gets the best of us.

After our return from Germany and Canada, we were searching for a gift for one of our lovely and intelligent daughters-in-law and could not find it.

MK was sure she had placed it in a usual place she had for gifts and lo and behold, the gift was not there.

We had purchased the gift at a favorite store in Northbrook Court, which Diana just informed us had the nickname of NBC, something we did not know even though it is the closest mall to us. We just couldn’t figure out the mystery of the missing gift. We purchased it from the Silver Corner and its owner, Mohammed, has become a good friend of ours. He always comes up with something special when we go to see him when we are searching for a gift of jewelry.

We ended up going to Costco on a buying run and thus checked out the earrings, wondering if they had anything we might like for Diana. As it turns out, they did. We purchased it and went home wondering if we would ever see what Mohammed had sold us from the Silver Corner.

Last week, I returned to Oakton for English and French Conversation hours and went to use my trusty new Ogio backpack, a result of an awards program at the Sachs Recreation Center where I work out. I opened it up to check out its contents and see if I might be missing anything and found the gift from NBC.

We thought about it and decided rather than hold on to it for another gift time, that perhaps Diana should not have to wait. After all, we never thought we would find it, at least I didn’t, so why not?

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