Thirty Percent Vinegar!

I was just on Amazon to make a purchase of 30% vinegar again. I looked on my Amazon orders and determined that I am buying a gallon of this high powered cleaning vinegar about once a year. I am more than thrilled with it because it has more power than the wonderful standard vinegar that we normally use and I continue to find more and more ways of using it.

One of the newer ways I use it is for our dirylite. The dirilyte needs to be carefully used and never placed in the dishwasher, although I may just use a test piece in our dishwasher to see what happens. It tarnishes very easily. The more you use it, the less likely it is to tarnish as when I use a piece of two or three (the grandkids prefer this over the other silverware), I immediately do a quick clean and dry them quickly. The other day I noticed that there were some pieces of dirylite with a lot of tarnish, I threw them into a mason jar of 30% vinegar and left them for a bit, monitoring the progress. The massive stains dissipated and with a bit of salt as a mild abrasive, I got them all clean. That was a surprise I was not expecting. This makes it even easier to use as the cutlery is easier to clean.

Another great usage of the high percentage vinegar is to clean off calcification around sinks and faucets. You end up, when using this product, expending way less energy than you do with standard vinegar or just elbow grease.

To spiff up the smell and quality of the high percentage vinegar, I have a mason jar full of orange peels. I keep it filled with the vinegar. When I need some, I just refill the container with a pump that we keep at our kitchen sink. It smells great. I just took Stewart’s outdoor water bowl and the bottle that is overturned into it so that the bowl constantly refills and put three shots of this vinegar, hot water, a bit of Dawn liquid dishwashing detergent, and set it up in the sun. The green that started growing dissipated in the sun with nary a help from me.

My last use is instead of using bleach in the washer. I add some vinegar to the presoak and to the softener receptacles. I find that it does a great job on the wash and feel that whites are whiter and colors retained. I don’t necessarily use the 30% vinegar here but it wouldn’t be a bad idea and it cuts down on the quantity.

Just love that vinegar!

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