Yard Maintenance

Red and white clematis to replace the non-performing, problematic, pink, fragrant, climbing rose.

Yard maintenance is no different from anything else in our lives.

As in the « Little Prince, » it is necessary to pull out the baobab saplings when they are young and unobtrusive, because failure to do so could actually cause destruction to your planet.

Failure to maintain in any aspect of your life does not necessarily lead to destruction, although destruction is possible, but it can lead to a lot of extra energy being expended to get things back to normal.

Yards are best when we don’t miss out on opportunities to clean things up and make them better. That is why when I had a chance to yank out the roses that had been on probation for three years, I did so. I was seriously remiss in not paying better and more attention to them all along, but I am finding that although I love roses and what they bring to the landscaping table, I am not sure that I have the patience or time to give to them to make them a success.I really ramped up my caring for them in the back of the house, but even with that, they failed to bloom, making me think that the grafting of them on to stronger roots had resulted in the winter killing off the graft and leaving me with a strong plant that would not perform. I have the same variety of plant up front and they bloom every year.

Clematis is going to save the day, climbing the in-place trellis adjacent to the driveway and serving as a sort of mini privacy fence. I had two main rose bushes and there shall be two clematis plants replacing them: one red, the other white.

The rest of my fall landscaping mini-projects are: putting in the Maypop passion flower next to the playhouse and planting some fancy daffodils that I am getting in Gurney Nursery reparations for two sets of failed Marionberry plants. These daffodils are fragrant, pink, and white, and should make a great addition to the front of the house.

The past few years I have been more attentive to the spring aspect of the landscaping and each year I have planted more daffodils and crocus. Next spring, if we are so blessed in Chicago, we shall have quite a display.

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