Dad shoes

One of the downsides of my retirement from high school teaching is that it makes me more out of touch with youth and with what they think and do.

Yesterday, I was wearing my ‘go to’ shoes of the summer. They are Croc slip ons, have a bit of a favorable insert, and are light and comfortable. They also provide me with way more support than the fancy flip-flops I had been tooling around in. I love the flip-flops but I must say that for these orthotically-inclined feet of mine with a tendency for a bit of genetic bunion, a malformation due to a tiny bone break I had in 9th grade that my mom wouldn’t take me to the emergency room for, and arthritis in one of my big toes, I need support. After all, I do have two sets of orthotics specially made for me due to foot and ankle problems!

My daughter-in-law looked at my feet and said, «You know, don’t you, that high school kids call your shoes ‘Dad shoes,’ right? »

My first reaction was to think, I’d better get rid of them.

My second reaction was, wait, I am an almost seventy grandfather and perhaps wearing ‘Dad shoes’ is not so much of a bad thing.

As I go through my day, I see countless elder statespersons wearing the ubiquitous white leather athletic shoes with a bit of scuff and for some reason I find it a badge of way less than cool. Do I really want to look cool? Perhaps not, but I certainly don’t feel like belonging to that group.

I am happy with my Dad shoes and as long as they continue to provide me with the support and comfort they do, I am wearing them. So there…

Now, shall we talk about Dad bod?

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  1. Emily says:

    But they wear “dad shoes” too sometimes!! I think they are nice looking.

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