This was our sky taken at about the time the tornado was touching down just a few miles north of us…

Sometimes I feel like the same person I was when I graduated from college and other times I feel older than Methuselah. Sometimes I feel extremely with it and sometimes I feel as if I am totally out of it. When I listen to young people or my sons and their cives I sometimes think that I have lost touch with reality. I am guessing that it goes with the territory of having the good luck of having DNA that gives you a good number of wonderful years of life.

Climate change is a huge debate and although I agree that sometimes we forget that there are cyclical changes in everything, including weather, it is clear to me that we need to be kinder to ‘Nature Mama’ and turn around some of the abuses we have perpetrated. Is it really necessary to unleash more negatives into the atmosphere, water, and overall environment? We need to be more proactive and less negligent.

I went to tutor and when I sat down to tutor at 6:30 PM, my phone started blaring a siren and tornado warning, something that we pretty much never have on the North Shore. I looked out the window, and although it looked threatening, it didn’t look dire. I tutored and at 7:30 PM I left. The feeling was eerie and on the side streets of Highland Park there was no evidence of human life, making me wonder if a tornado had been sighted.

I turned right onto Route 22, Half Day Road, and MK called. I normally wouldn’t take the call but it was MK asking where I was and telling me that the storm was supposedly barreling down 22 headed east. I saw it at the intersection of 41 and 22 and luckily quickly turned left, going south, on 41 to head home. It was uneventful but creepy as I sped home. It was not really raining much but when I got out of the car at home, there was a huge crack of lightning and I believe that was the one that hit a Deerfield home on an adjacent street.

Stuff like this happening in Deerfield? Not very often, and in fact I cannot remember the last time we had anything as crazy as this storm heading our way, just slightly to the north of us. Several weeks ago, a tornado had touched down not far from Sheridan Road in our own Lake County, in Waukegan.

What is Mama Nature telling us?

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