I’m in awe: Passion Flowers

I knew they were going to bloom.

I knew what they looked like; the plant has bloomed two years in succession before this year’s show.

I am still in awe.

Nature Mama is one heck of a lady! Able to take a simple plant, a simple vine, and make a flower on it that looks as if it were from another planet. The color alone is breathtaking. The form along with the color are truly awe inspiring. I have had one flower bloom at a time, this time it is three. They are a beautiful shade of purple and the center is freakishly decorated with antennae-like structures.

The other day, I planted the Maypop Passion Flower on the other side of the playhouse, hoping that it takes well, gets established, and returns next year. There is no question that I will take the plant that bloomed today inside and perhaps try to take better care of it so that it blooms again next year.

I still don’t even remember where I had bought the plant from…

Does it matter?

Is the flower not poetry in botanic form? Seeing it in a photo is one thing, seeing it live is unreal as the flower looks as if some mad creator came up with it and then put his or her thoughts into action.

Yesterday it was the fauna that inspired me in the form of goldfinches munching on the seeds of my coneflowers. Today it is the flora of my back yard that render me speechless and wondering how such things can actually be.

The best part of all of this is that both the flora and the fauna actually got my mind off the sadness it feels on a daily basis as our country seems to continue to slide in a downward spiral toward inhumanity, and surprisingly one that not only is hateful toward human beings, but also negligent in regard to the care of nature.

Oh my…

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