Trays and their usefulness

Trays equal lifesavers!

When MK came home after the knee replacement surgery, I immediately located all of the ‘breakfast in bed’ trays, all two of them that we own, and put them into service. I needed large trays that were sturdy and that could hold a meal. In the early days post-op, eating at the dining room table was not a possibility. Eating al fresco wasn’t either as she was not supposed to be walking on less than perfectly solid ground.

Our two ‘breakfast in bed’ trays came in extremely handy, along with an old aluminum tray from the 50s. We have two of the aluminum trays, actually three, but only two of the three have handles, making it easier to carry a good amount of things.

Given the appetite provided by Norco, the narcotic used to deal with the pain of having one’s knee opened up and supplied with titanium, perhaps I didn’t even need the trays, but I still found them incredibly handy to carry large amounts of things from one part of the house to another.

MK and I were just thinking about how useful it would be to have a small packet of useful, post-op information with tips on all sorts of things. From how to successfully use the ice machine and not have water all over the place and also not having to refill the ice and water incessantly to what types of pillows are the most successful and how you can even sleep in bed comfortably.

My lifesavers as a ‘nurse’ were the trays, without question, and the small bottles of water that I reused again and again in the freezer instead of using ice or ice chips in the ice machine. I reused those puppies for a month, putting them back in the freezer at night to refreeze and pulling them out in the morning and adding water.

Nonetheless, it is nice being five weeks out with no walker, no cane, and no special potty seats!

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