Madam Secretary, Borgen, and Zlatomir Moldovanski

Zlatomir is aiming his gun on Madam Secretary.

At the present time, we are watching Madam Secretary, a show that we are finding to be particularly interesting. Our Deerfield friends who moved away almost as quickly as we discovered them, suggested it to us. We had been talking about having seen Herrens Veje and then Borgen by Adam Price. Madam Secretary is not, perhaps, as much of a European intellectual television program, but it does more than a satisfactory job. I must say that Borgen, with its female protagonist who becomes the Danish Prime Minister in a sort of surprise political situation truly reminds me of the American political version that featuresTéa Leoni as the Secretary of State and shows both her political and personal life.

For some reason, watching shows of that nature are almost comforting as we deal with the political intrigue that is flowing on both the national and international scenes. Seeing the lying, the cheating, the bad things that the political protagonists actually have to do sometimes in order to compromise, is cathartic. Clearly, what is happening in our era is actually harder to believe than what is happening on the TV program, something that I find absolutely shocking.

As good as Madam Secretary is, however, it just doesn’t come all that close to Borgen in the expertise of writing and breadth of subjects. Perhaps I should wait before I make that last statement as I am only in the second season of Madam Secretary and perhaps my opinion may change.

One thing I am really looking forward to is seeing Zlatomir Moldovanski, a young man who was born in Bulgaria, represented Chicago as a recipient of scholarship monies at the prestigious Birmingham Conservatory in Stratford, Ontario, was in the play and movie version of Romeo and Juliet from the Stratford Festival in 2017, and is an actor in the second season of Madam Secretary.

Meanwhile, the actual political stage in the U.S. of A. is no slacker in this arena. I doubt that many writers could come up with even half of the crazy things that have gone on thus far. Let the television and film versions continue, but how about an end to the real stuff?

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