An October day?

It is eighty-six degrees today. I does not feel like fall and certainly not like October. The past few days have been very rainy. I cannot believe how heavy the air feels, so loaded with water it is.

I had to contact the handyman service that made the new playhouse door. It cost a pretty penny and I am sad to say that it actually is working less well than the one that I made over twenty years ago and needed replacing. When it was new in June, it fit nicely, now the humidity has made it both impossible to open and close. You literally need a linebacker to do so. The previous one could be difficult, but not like this. I just contacted the service and I am hoping that they will come back and make this work. The whole purpose of having one made is to have it really work for the grandkids.

In this weather, not reminiscent whatsoever of an October day, one cannot remain cool and collected for any period of time.

I just finished lunch, and a conversation with our youngest grandchild. It wasn’t easy to go off to school, he had mixed emotions once there, but the first comment I received upon picking him up was, « I like my school. »

I spent a lot of time this morning readying the pond for the winter. I just purchased a second pond hole warmer, to maintain a hole in the ice so that toxic gases (that can kill the fish) escapes. I have two because if in case one stops working, I will have the other. I have had seasons where I have lost the fish and I would like to avoid that. I don’t have koi right now, but the goldfish are beautiful. I placed a net between the bushes and the pond to keep those leaves out. I may or may not remove the pump and filter today. Personally, after all the rain, I would like to see it clearer than it is. Each heavy rain seems to cloud the water for a few days.

Lunch went well, our charge is eating his second bowl of homemade yogurt, sweetened with a bit of organic sugar. He loves it. We started him out on a half a container and it soon turned into the rest. Now we are on the second container. It is not a bad thing to get him to eat. So much for the first day of October.

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