Two dogs walking, taking one’s life into one’s hands

Essentially, I took my life into my hands.

I took both dogs for a walk. I must explain as I only have one dog. We had our granddog over last night as our son and his wife went to see Hamilton with her family. Lucky has anxiety and does not do well when home alone.

Lucky normally has a really good time when at our house. He came over around 6:00 PM just after eating and I think my mistake was not letting the dogs out the back door, as they usually do. I realized this but it was way too wet outside and I knew that Stewart would be a huge mess once back in the house.

They were fine in the house, but during the evening, Lucky whimpered and cried, looking out of the front window and sitting in his favorite chair. He also cried about five times during the night, not even coming upstairs as he usually does. It is not that he was unhappy at our house, he missed Mike and Diana.

In the morning, I fed them both and then took them for a walk. Stewart is usually pretty good when I take him out but having the two of them, both OCD and each wanting to do his own thing. Lucky is very much mainly beagle and although his paws are short, he has great strength. Just picking up their leavings took all the brainpower and flexibility that I have. They were ready to get moving and I needed to clean the lawn.

At times, they were twisted together. Lucky cannot focus when I ask him to sit down and stay. Stewart still balks when I force him to sit down at every curb before crossing the street. It is hard to believe that I have been on his case for this forever and yet he still tries to get away with it.

Anyway, I got my exercise in that walk around the block.

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