Facebook strike?

What would the Little Prince say?

It occurred to me the other day that perhaps protest on Facebook and other media is wasted time, preaching to the choir. Maybe it is even aiding the opposition. It occurred to me that it might somehow be twisted into fodder for the current régime to use against us and to stay in power longer.

I cannot help but believe that we, as social media users, could be helpful to our so-called liberal causes. We are upset because of the disavowal of the need to protect our environment, to protect the immigrants, to protect human life by having healthcare for all, to protect our populace from the dangers of lack of education and instruction. We are sad because human rights seem to be attacked from every angle.

I keep wondering, what would happen if we say, for example, opted out of Facebook and went on social media strike. Perhaps did that to Twitter, the single most important vehicle of communication of the government? Nobody on Twitter? Who is going to listen to the rant?

What kinds of things would the Facebook, Twitter, maybe even Instagram owners do?

Few of us thought that the so called POTUS would be able to get away with all of the things he has. Few of us thought it would last this long, this national nightmare that has become international in scope and that threatens our very ability to even breathe, along with all others.

I am writing this as I listen to Gasper Malbor straining to breathe, victimized by what I believe is his long standing use of every nasty chemical Monsanto has to offer to keep his lawn perfectly green and his flowers more voluminous than any others. His gasping is hard to listen to, even though he is perhaps as despicable a human being as the very person in charge of this nation. Our national leader has given rise to more Malbors and creatures of this nature, some of whom even resort to shooting up the populace.

I keep wondering how we could do this.

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