October outdoor tasks

My two year old grapefruit tree is doing quite well.

I untwisted the Passion flower vine from the pergola and found a bloom and bud…

The hibiscus is blooming…

By the afternoon on Tuesday, I managed to get outside while our little charge was sleeping. I had done a few things in the morning as he was in Pre-school, but saved my main outdoor task for his nap.

In the morning, since it was a nice, warm day, I finished up some weather stripping on the door of the playhouse and restained the edge that had been trimmed off to allow the door to actually close. It is good timing since there is a locust tree right over it depositing massive amounts of tiny yellow gold, almost jewel-like mini-leaves that will now probably not manage to find their way inside. The weather stripping was self-stick but I used pushpins and purchased some actual thumbtacks to assure that the edges don’t start coming off.

Once our charge was in bed, I slipped under the netting I had placed over the pond and severely cut down the water iris, removed the leaves that fell in, took out the fabulous season of seaweed that I purchased, and pulled out some locust leaves. I then placed two pond warmers and connected them so that there would always be a hole in the ice once winter sets in, thus keeping the gases from killing my goldfish. I also removed the pump from the water, washed it out and set it to dry and also did the same for the mini filter and pump.

Outside the netting, I opened the Laguna filter, removed the filters, cleaned them, washed it out after using a cup to remove the dirty water, wiped it out, and then filled it with bricks and a lid to keep water from getting in, putting a few bricks on top.

MK ran over to our oldest son’s house to be there for the girls and found out that he was actually there, so she was unneeded. She had taken our youngest charge, who had awakened, with her and took him home instead.

Meanwhile, I did some quick damage control, wiping down the steps for dog fur and then using our battery vacuum to clean mainly locust leaves from the floor. I then went downstairs and vacuumed the family room carpet. I first pulled mini-leaves from Stewart’s fur, as it had performed like a dust cloth outside, magnetically inserting them especially in the fur of his hindquarters and tail! If not, they would have fallen after I had vacuumed. I just wonder why we cannot harness his dusting capabilities to pick up leaves in the house instead of depositing them.

I finally took a shower and thought of the next thing on the outdoor agenda: rain barrels…more to come.

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