Coffee and flowers

The hibiscus is blooming…

It is about forty degrees, perhaps not so unusual for this time of the year, but shocking when you consider the really warm temps we had less than a week ago.

The coffee is good and I have succeeded in making sure it is piping hot, having put enough water in the kettle to heat the mugs as well as pour onto the coffee grounds in the French press. The coffee is my latest, a mixture of a medium strength coffee mixed with a bit of French Roast from Colectivo Coffee Roasters in Milwaukee: Blue Heeler and Black and Tan. I buy the beans and grind them. For a while, I was getting decaf from Erie Island Coffee Company, but luckily, I no longer have to limit myself to decaf.

The hibiscus makes me happy and sad as I sit in the living room chair, just having skimmed the Sunday edition of the New York Times. I am happy because having an almost four inch bloom of a gorgeous orange flower in the house is wonderful; I am sad because I had to bring the plant in and before you know it, I shall have to cut it down. The plant is about four or five years old and I have managed to keep it alive through the winters.

Stewart and I checked out the weather; we did our usual walk. He wasn’t happy with me when I held him back from a muddy area he likes, the ground not yet dry enough after the massive rains we had at the beginning of the weekend.

Meanwhile, I need to get reading this book. I am sure it is overdue at the library, MK had taken it out, read it, and now I am reading it. It is ‘The Overstory,’ winner of the Pulitzer prize and written by Richard Powers.

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