Update on my language study of Hungarian

I bought this in France. I study Hungarian via French. Now how is that for interesting language study.

Here is an update on my Hungarian work to date. I have no idea where I am going with this but I do know several things: language learning as a senior is a plus as it works a part of the brain that helps counter the effects or arrival of dementia, it is good memory work, and because of the way I am doing it, it helps my cursive.

My cursive is a mess.

Not using it often enough has caused it to change and what I really don’t like is that I have to consciously slow my hand down as otherwise it becomes a total scrawl. I decided that one of my issues with the Pimsleur program, for me, is that I don’t get to see the written Hungarian and because I grew up hearing it, I am trying to figure out the sound system of a language that says it has an alphabet of forty-four letters. So what I have done this time around is to use cursive to write the words down as I am doing the lessons and then transcribing them on my iPad complete with accents. I find that this is helping my memory work immensely. I am going more slowly, I mean, what’s the rush? I feel I have better recall.

I am somewhat avoiding the grammar. Hungarian, like Latin and German, is full of declensions, For example, the first person singular form of the verb often doesn’t have the subject pronoun used, because it is clear form the verb ending for the ‘I’ form of the verb that it is first person singular.

I am using my ear and what I remember from my youth and a dictionary as well as Google Translate. So far, I think I have a pretty accurate idea as to how the words and expressions are spelled. Now I can say good morning and good day as well as the weather is nice or nasty out, among some other expressions like where is Vaci street. For me, it isn’t so much that I think I will be proficient, it is more of a connection to my past and who knows where it might lead anyway.

So on this cold Monday in Deerfield, where the temps were as low as 37 when I walked the dog, this warms my heart just a bit.

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