Snowy Halloween!

It was thirty-two degrees when I awoke this morning. Before even finding that out, I had seen snow on the rooftops across the street. There were grass blades escaping their thin white blanket visible outside and the car necessitated a cleaning as the windows were totally covered. For me that is a huge shock, snow on Halloween is something I do not expect.

Stewart is in his glory, having been to Lauren the groomer at Pet Supplies Plus and having lost a ton of fur. I am just sorry that we don’t use that fur to make yarn, because the fur that Stewie loses is the type that would be perfect for a mohair-like sweater. Again, Stewie has been so happy to sit outside the past few days, his fur making it really comfy for him. He really looks forward to his walks at the beginning of the day and in late afternoon. I love it too because it means that I don’t have yard clean-up, if you know what I mean, and I don’t have to employ a service either. Don’t get me started on the number of people in my neighborhood using this service…

To be honest, this kind of day is preferable to the cold days where it is freezing cold and rainy. Snow is way better. It is snowing lightly and there is just a slight covering to the ground.

We went to the grandkids’ house, we took one to school, brought the other one home, and dropped my car off at the dealer’s so that they can install several replacement panels on the inside of the car. My soon to be twelve year old car is looking really good and the interior needed a few touch ups. I painted the rusty metal base for the front seats where they connect with the carpet and I even un-dulled the radio’s plexiglass front with a paste of baking soda and Murphy Oil soap.

Now, we wait for a call from the dealer to pick up the car and I am going to take a look at the fireplace and perhaps ready it for some nice dry wood…

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