A weekend getaway…

We were looking forward to getting away and wondering how it was going to turn out. I had found a deal for travelzoo.com. It was for a great deal on the Four Season Island Resort in Pembine, Wisconsin. I had never heard of Pembine and had never been to that part of northern Wisconsin before. MK and I decided to take a chance.

We had a nice, four hour drive, uneventful and pleasant in my twelve year old car that I have been recently updating a bit. I had a small rust issue in the front fenders taken care of and did a few things on the interior to make it feel newer. The car is amazing and at about 118,000 miles, the best car I have ever owned. To make a long story short, I bought this in 2007 to replace the same car (Subaru, Impreza WRX) because it saved my son’s life. He had borrowed my 2005 manual transmission, Subaru blue car, drove it, hit black ice, rolled over twice into the space in the middle of Route 41 in Park City, Illinois (north of us) and walked out unharmed. The car was destroyed on the outside but the interior was untouched. That sold me. I bought pretty much the same, exact car in December of 2007.

The resort was desolate, and by that I mean there were few people there. It was a bit of a hassle in that MK had made the purchase, but had not printed out the voucher. They were not used to Travelzoo, so we had to print it out for them. That was a process as the PC was slow and I am used to Macs now and although we opened up MK’s gmail account, when we went to open up the travel folder, it would not do so. I finally did a search and it came up.

We have seen very few people other than people who work here. The resort was started in 1925 and its older part, where the restaurants are, is supposedly haunted. The new part is as beautiful as the older part is. It is a fancy resort; we are surrounded by a golf course and then by the Menominee River. They have biking, kayaking, golf, and snowmobiles in the winter, and it has a Great Gatsby feel. There is a veranda in front with statues, white wicker, etc. The indoor pool is beautiful, although we haven’t tried it yet. More to come.

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